About Us

Excelevatefit is dedicated to helping Business executives and Corporate professionals achieve their health and fitness goals. Our brand focuses on improving overall performance, aiding in the rehabilitation of injuries, and assisting with weight loss. One of Excelevatefit’s primary areas of focus is injury rehabilitation. The brand offers personalized programs to help clients recover from injuries and get back to their daily routines as quickly and safely as possible. Whether a client is dealing with a specific injury or chronic pain, We at Excelevatefit can provide the guidance and support needed to overcome these challenges. Overall, If you’re looking to improve your performance, recover from an injury, or lose weight, Excelevatefit has the expertise and resources needed to help you get succeed.

Meet our Trainers Gurushankar and Sunilkumar. Both are Professional Ex-Cricketers and have an experience as S&C Trainer for more than 10years. We are motivated to make a difference in lives of Desk job professionals who are suffering from Injuries, lacking in their performance and eventually are unable to continue their weight loss journey. We are here for you. Come Join us and enjoy INjury-Free lifestyle